Put the direct speech into reported speech

E.g."I want to go to bed." he said.
He said he wanted to go to bed.
1"Where do you work?" she asked him.
She asked him .
2"I'm not having a very good time at the moment."
She said at the moment.
3"What were you doing when I phoned?" she asked me.
She asked me when she phoned.
4"I didn't think you liked seafood." he said
He said he I liked seafood.
5"What time is it?" Tony asked Tina.
He asked her .
6"Where are you working at the moment?" she asked John.
She asked him at the moment.
7"I haven't seen Delia for ages" I told her
I told her .
8"That will be fun." they said
They said .
9"Where will you be going for your summer holiday?" she asked me.
She asked me for my summer holiday.
10"I can come over later tonight,"he told me.
He told me over later tonight.