Put the verbs below into the passive form

E.g.Volkswagen introduced a new car last year.
A new car was introduced by Volkswagen last year.
1They make Champagne in France.
in France.
2Robbers attacked the bank last night.
last night.
3John is delivering the post this week.
this week.
4Did they steal much money.
by them?
5Logie Baird didn't invent the telephone.
6Rolls Royce build expensive cars.
7The groupe have made the best album of their career.
8English people drink their tea with milk.
9The company will announce record profits.
10The dog bit the postman.
11You can buy stamps at the post office.
12My father was decorating the house when he heard the noise.
when he heard the noise.
13They haven't finished that job yet.
14Did the Romans construct the first aqueducts?
15Do the Scottish people drink a lot of whiskey?
16Are they cleaning the office at the moment?
17Which charges will the bank apply if I'm late in my payments?
if I'm late in my payments?
18Sue was cooking a curry when the phone rang.
when the phone rang.
19People speak English almost everywhere in the world.
almost everywhere in the world.
20George Lucas made the Star Wars films.