Complete the sentences below with the most appropriate tense:
past simple or past perfect simple

E.g.If you hadn't been here before, I don't think I would be able to find my
1We the door and John / come
2We him coming and the door before he a chance to knock.see / open / have
3It only when I to the end of the film that I I a review about it the week / get /realise / read
4I , a shave and .wake up / have / get dressed
5When I at the station, I I my wallet at home.arrive / realise / leave
6It late when we home, so we straight to / get / go
7The alarm yesterday morning because I it the night before.not go off / not set
8Jim in his office for six months before he he his / realise / not like
9She her sentence and on to the next one before I a chance to take a note of what she .finish / be / have / say
10When we home, we someone in.arrive / realise / break in