Complete the sentences below with the appropriate tense:
past simple, present perfect simple or present perfect continuous

E.g.What did you do last night?do
1I'm tired. I around all day and I haven't finished
2How long you on this project now?work
3How many invitations you out for the party?send
4How many invitations you out for your last party?send
5We films together for about ten years now. We quite a lot of success so far.make / have
6How long you smoking for now? When you ?give up / quit
7How many times you to Denmark?be
8When the last time you ?be / go
9I to get this project finished for ages. I four months ago and just the final part. It's almost over.try / start / begin
10When we last dinner together? I think it last summer. It a while then.have / be / be