Change the sentences below, replacing nouns with personal pronouns and possessive adjectives

E.g.Daniel and Caroline are good friends.
They are good friends.
1The dog is Tom's.
2My brother and I enjoyed the holiday.
enjoyed the holiday.
3Whose computer is this? This computer is Helen's.
Whose computer is this? .
4Thomas gets on well with Jane and Eddie.
gets on well with .
5Anita is an engineer. Anita loves the job she does.
Anita is an engineer. loves job.
6My wife and I have got a big house. My wife and I like the house we have got.
My wife and I have got a big house. like house.
7Would Jeremy like to visit my friend and I?
Would like to visit ?
8Hamish and Helen are going to spend Hamish and Helen's holiday with Mark and Caroline.
are going to spend holiday with .
9I'm going to introduce Mr hunt to Mrs Lane.
I'm going to introduce to .
10Look at this land, my son. One day, this land will be my son's
Look at this land, my son. One day, will be .