Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the present perfect or the past simple

E.g.I went (go) to Italy in 1986 but I haven't been (not be) back there since then.
1Sue (start) her new job two weeks ago. So far she (enjoy) it.
2My nephew (born) two days ago but I (not see) him yet.
3When I (be) younger, I (work) in Hong Kong for five years;
4My grandparents (meet) in adelaide in the 1930's. They (come) to live in the United Kingdom before they (have) my father. They (move) back to Australia a few years ago but I (not visit) them yet.
5Where do you live? In Vancouver. (live, always) there? No, I (move) there two years ago. Where (live) before that? In Toronto. And how long (live) there? For five years.
6Where's Tim? He (go) to the bank. When (go)? Ten minutes ago.
7Jane isn't in the office this week. She (go) to the Seychelles on holiday.
8Henry (not have) a very good time last week. He (have) an accident and lost (lose) his favorite coat. However this week (be) better.
9Janet (go) to work yesterday. She (be) ill and (not, can) make it in.
10I (buy) a new car. Would you like to see it?