Complete the sentences with the correct form of GOING TO or WILL

E.g.When I grow up, I'm going to be a ballet dancer. At least, that's my
1I'm feeling tired. I think a lie down.have
2We have booked our holiday already. two weeks in the Algarve.spend
3When about the results of your test? Do you know yet?find out
4This wind is so strong. Look at that tree. It's bending right over. .fall
5If the weather is good this weekend , to the beach.go
6I have to go out tonight but I can't leave my children alone. Don't worry, them.look after
7When your room? I'm getting tired of asking you.tidy
8I don't know if to make it to the meeting newt week. Can we postpone it until the week after?be able
9What for this meal tonight? Have a look and tell me before I go shopping.need
10Look at that plane. It's coming in quickly, .land