Complete the sentences with A, AN, THE or 0 (for nothing)

E.g.I'm a doctor.
1I'm university professor.
2What did you have for lunch today?
3What a lovely day! Why don't we go for picnic lunch somewhere?
4I've got two pets, cat and dog. cat is always attacking dog but dog never does anything to defend itself.
5We're very lucky; we've got very big house. We've done lot of work on it. When we arrived, all rooms were quite small, so we knocked down some of walls and made living room and dining room more open plan.
6Where were you born? In United Kingdom.
7I was hurt last week and had to go to hopital.
8Christmas is most wondeful time of year.
9Australia is largest island in world.
10If you want to know what weather will be like day after tomorrow, why don't you look on Internet?