Complétez les phrases avec le présent simple ou continu

e.g.What are you doing at the moment ?do
1I strawberries. They make me
2What ? I'm a
3What ? A chocolate, make
4How to work ? By busshe, go
5Why to the football match ? Because he doesn't like the team.come
6What time the concert ?be
7Why at home ? They are working.not, be
8They some friends coming over for the week end.have got
9She to go to bed yetnot, want
10Where is Tony ? He in the
11My daughter is a student. She in
12My dad usually the football on the
13Look at that dog ! It after that stick !swim
14My brother is younger than me. He to school.still, go
15I to my new CD a lot at the moment.listen