Verbes et prépositions Verbs and Prepositions

Below is a list of common verbs with their prepositions and the structures which follow them.

look at (someone / something)
laugh at (someone / something)
smile at (someone / something)

talk to (someone)
speak to (someone)

write (something) to (someone)
describe (something) to (someone)
explain (something) to (someone)

apologise to (someone) for (something)
talk about (something)
care about (something)
take care of (someone / something)

ask (someone) for (something)
apply to (someone) for (something)
wait for (someone/something)
look for (search) (someone/something)
look like (someone) = resemble
look after (someone/something) = take care of (someone / something)
dream about (someone)
dream of (doing) (something) = imagine

hear about (something)
hear from (someone)

think about (something) = consider
think of (something) = an idea
think about (doing) (something)

remind (someone) about (something)
remind (someone) of (someone else)
complain to (someone) about (something)
complain of (something) = a problem
warn (someone) about (someone/something)

accuse (someone) of (doing) (something)

approve of (something)
die of (something)
consist of (doing) (something)
pay (someone) for (something)
thank (someone) for (doing) (something)
forgive (someone) for (something)
blame pay (someone) for (something)
suffer from (something)
protect (someone) from (something)
depend on (someone)
rely on (someone)
believe in (someone/something)
specialise in (something)
succeed in (doing) (something)

break into (something/somewhere)
crash into (something)
divide into (some number)

translate from (one language) into (another)

provide (someone) with (something)
supply (someone) with (something)
concentrate on (something)
insist on (something)
spend (money) on (something)