Use the sentences on the left to complete the paragraphs on the right. The sentences are in chronological order but the paragraphs are not. Complete the paragraphs using the most appropriate past tense: past simple or past perfect simple. Start the paragraph on the right with the sentences in bold letters on the left.

E.g.1. Somebody stole the paintings from the gallery.
2. We arrived at the gallery.
3. We called the police.
We at the gallery to find that somebody the paintings. So we the police immediately.
11. Lenny went out last night.
2. Liz tried to call him.
3. There was no answer.
4. She left a message on his answer phone.
When Liz to phone Lenny last night, there no answer. When Lenny home, he that she a message on his answer phone.
21. John was ill and lost weight.
2. John came back to work a few days ago.
3. I ran into him the same day.
4. He didn't look very well.
When I John, he just back to work. He very well because he ill and weight.
31. Kelly sent Sally lots of text messages.
2. She never replied to him.
3. Yesterday he received an e-mail from her.
4. He was very happy.
Kelly very happy yesterday because he an e-mail from Sally. He her lots of text messages but she never to him.