Complete the sentences using the past perfect simple and the verb provided

E.g.You left your home town. Later you returned. It was different.
When I returned, my home town had changed a lot.change
1You went shopping but when you wanted to pay, you couldn't find your wallet.
When I wanted to pay, I realised I my wallet at home.leave
2Mr Jones worked for twenty years, and then he gave it up.
Mr Jones in the bank for twenty years before he gave it
3You went to your friend's house. he wasn't there.
He .go out
4We invited Jeremy to dinner but he couldn't make it.
He already to do something else.arrange
5You went to the theatre. You arrived late.
The film already .begin
6It was good to see Gemma again after a long time.
I her for five years.not see
7He offered George something to drink. He wasn't thirsty.
He already something.drink
8They were married for five years. They had two children. They got divorced.
They for five years and they two children before they got married / have
9I bought a ticket, I took a train.
After I a ticket, I took a
10The job took longer than expected.
The job took longer than I .expect