Complete the sentences using the most appropriate past tense: past simple, past continuous or past perfect simple

E.g.I was walking (walk) along the road when I heard (hear) footsteps behind me. Somebody was following (follow) me but I hadn’t noticed (notice) anyone before then
1Yesterday I (go) to the bus station to meet Jerry. When I (arrive) he (sit) at the entrance. His bus (arrive) early.
2What you (do) when I (try) to phone you last night?
3We (leave) early and (drive) along when Mum (realise) she (leave) the oven on.
4We never (be) to Denmark before last year.
5While I (do) the ironing, I (notice) a cat in the garden.
6By the time she (get) back, they (finish) dinner.
7Sam (play) tennis for a long time before our match yesterday. I (play) very well and he (be) out of practice, so we (give) up the game and (decide) to go for a drink instead.
8The thieves (escape) from the building and (run) down the street before the alarm (start).
9Last week I (walk) down the street when a woman (catch) my arm. I (turn) round to see Janet. She (recognise) me but I (see) her.
10When I (get) home Graham (lie) on the bed. The DVD player (be) on but he (watch) the film. He (fall) asleep and (snore) loudly. I (turn) on the light and (switch) the machine off. Just then he (wake) up.