Choose the correct tense: past perfect simple or past simple

E.g."Was Elliot at the party last night?" "No, he had already left when we got there."leave / get
1I didn't feel very tired when I got home, so I straight to bed.go
2The place was very quiet when I got there. Everybody asleep.fall
3Sorry we're late. We a problem with the car on the way here.have
4We said we were very sorry we were late but we a problem on the way.have
5I'm sorry Sue; I you in that hat.recognise
6I Sue for weeks. Then I her at the supermarket last week.see / meet
7The house dirty because we it for / clean
8I up, a quick shower and then to work.get / have / go
9I so much at lunch that I like having a large / feel
10At first I thought I the right thing but it soon clear that I a / become / make