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E.g.You hear the dog barking. It always barks when the postman comes at this time of day. You think: "That must be the postman."
1You and a friend are going skiing next weekend. There hasn't been mush snow recently. You say: "I don't think there be much snow."
2A friend asks you for advice about a problem. You say: "I don't think you worry about it."
3A friend has decided to do a parachute jump and wants you to go along too. You say: "I'm not sure, I think you get hurt."
4You doctor gives you some medicine. She says: "you take that three times a week for two weeks."
5You get a phone call in the middle of the night. It's the police. You think: "Oh no! This be good news."
6If you don't give a good impression at a work review, you know you won't get the promotion you are after. You tell yourself: "This is really necessary. I show the best of myself."
7It's around dinnertime and you are hungry. You say: "I'm hungry. It be time for dinner."
8Your colleague asks for some help. You're going to have lunch. He says: "Can you look at this document quckly. It take more than five minutes."
9The alarm rings in the morning. You're feeling very sleepy. You say to yourself: "Oh no! It be time to wake up yet."
10You're planning a trip to New York. You ask an American friend to give you some ideas. She says: "You're interested in art, aren't you? You probably want to visit the Met then."