Make sentences from situations

E.g.John tells you his sister is in hospital.
.You ask him: (how long / be in hospital?)
.How long has she been in hospital?
1You meet someone who tells you he gives guitar lessons.
.You ask him: (how long / give guitar lessons?)
2You know that James' friend is called Jeff.
.You ask him: (how long / know / Jeff?)
3You friend's sister went to America some time ago and she's still there.
.You ask your friend: (how long / be / America?)
4Kim always wears the same coat. It's very old.
.You ask her: (how long / have / that coat?)
5You are talking to a friend about Andrea. Andrea is working particularly hard at the moment.
.You ask you friend: (how long / Andrea / work so hard?)
6A friend of yours is having driving lessons.
.You ask him: (how long / have / driving lessons?)