Make sentences from situation 1

E.g.Tom started reading a newsparer half an hour ago. He's still reading it and he's on page 20.
(read/for half an hour)He's been reading for half and hour.
(read/twenty pages so far)He's read twenty pages so far.
1Linda is from Canada. She's travelling around Australia at the moment. She began her trip four weeks ago.
(travel/four weeks)
(visit/Sydney and Melbourne so far)
2Johnny is a football player. He began playing football when he was six years old. This year he is part of the county team again - the third time.
(make the county team three times)
(play / football / since / six)
3When they left university, Malcolm and Steve started making records together. They make records.
(make ten records since / leave university)
(make / records since / leave university)
4You have a friend who is learning Portuguese. You ask:
(How long / learn / Portuguese?)
(How much grammar / learn)
5You've just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you and smoking. You ask:
(How long / wait?)
(How many cigarettes / smoke?)
6Some friends of yours are having a party. You ask:
How long / plan this party?)
(How many people / invite?)
7A friend of yours is a teacher. You ask:
(How long / teach?)
(How many children / teach?)
8You meet a writer. You ask:
(How many books / write?)
How long / write?