Add the verb in the right form (to + Verb or Verb+ing)

E.g.I enjoy
1Where do you want to tomorrow?go
2They haven't decided what to
3I learnt the piano when I was
4I'm trying , but the neighbours won't .sleep / stop / talk
5Have you finished your homework?do
6We're tired. We want to bed.go
7If the weather is good tomorrow, I suggest we to the beach.go
8Don't forget to your grandmother to thank her.write
9I can't they are late again, they promised to be here on time.believe / to be
10I like science fiction
11I would like science fiction books all the
12I don't mind by train I like flying / fly
13We invited Tom to the meeting but he couldn't .come
14I hope from you soon.hear
15You must stop .smoke
16They were very annoyed and refused for a week.speak
17Where's Jim? I need him.see
18Why did you offer that for her? You know she won't / appreciate
19I would hate that
20I love the sun set when the sky is