Complete the text with correct verb patterns

I have always enjoyed (fish). When I was younger, I used to go (fish) with my uncle at weekends. We loved (walk) out into the country and (find) a quiet spot to sit down and spend the day.
Now I try (go) out at least once a month. Last summer I decided (have) a trip to the Caribbean where I could (do) some game fishing.
I wanted (try) something different and expected (enjoy) the experience very much.
I thought it would be better (take) an organised trip, so I arranged this as soon as I arrived. My guide suggested (look) for some marlin and promised (find) the best place.
The first day I went out was very warm. Soon we arrived in an area where the fish loved (swim) . Suddenly a marlin jumped out of the water. I remember very excited. It was huge.
My guide decided (follow) it and I didn’t mind (let) him (make) this decision. He showed me where to cast and how to attract the fish. Eventually, I hooked it but it was much stronger than anything I had ever had on my line before. I expected (have) a long and difficult fight and I was right!
What seemed like hours, the marlin finally started (weaken) After a huge battle, I finally managed (land) this enormous fish. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
I loved (have) this experience and would (suggest) (do) it to anyone who loves (go) (fish).