Complete the sentences with the appropriate auxiliary in any form

E.g.Why didn't you do your homework last night?
1I never met such a difficult person in my life before.
2It raining, so we went for a walk.
3Adam ever been to Greece.
4What your mother do?
5What your father's job?
6I staying in a 4-star hotel for my next business trip.
7 everyone going to be at the office party?
8Mike got a new hat.
9I want to come to this party. She made me.
10What time the film start?
11 you belong to a club or society?
12How many times you been in love?
13I just know what I going to do.
14 it cold yesterday? Yes, it .
15Tom and Nick usually have any trouble getting on with each other.
16They really getting on at all at the moment.
17No, this seem like a very good idea.
18What my daughter done now?
19I watching TV when I saw my friend on it.
20Why you answer the phone when I called you? I out.