Complete the sentences with AM / IS / ARE / WAS / WERE / HAVE / HAS affirmative or negative

E. g.I am going to be famous one day.
1Jake lost his glasses.
2I made some coffee. Would you like some?
3 you finished your work?
4I got time to do everything I need to do.
5Helen and Sam here. They just arrived.
6She Swiss, but she born there.
7The weather going to be quite warm today.
8What you doing?
9 that Terry? Yes, I think you right.
10I driving too fast but the police stopped me anyway.
11Why I always the last to know anything?
12There going to be many people at Evelyn's party.
13I feel so good; I think I going to be sick. I not well.
14It really been two years since we last saw them, it?
15My parents living in Holland when my brother born.