Complete the sentences with AM NOT / ISN'T / AREN'T / DON'T / DOESN'T

E.g.Sid doesn't smoke anymore. He gave it up.
1It raining today.
2We want to go to bed. We tired.
3Why we go out to eat tonight?
4They going out tonight.
5I like him. He very nice.
6Jim working this week.
7Jim work in a company. He is self-employed.
8My friends watch a lot of television.
9Terry and Cherie coming to dinner on Friday.
10Bobby speak any other language than English.
11She having a very good time at the moment, because although she lives in Germany, she understand what anybody says to her.
12You can turn the radio off. I listening to it.
13I am sorry, I understand. Can you repeat this more slowly please?
14Henry look much like his brother.
15They really much alike at all.