Complete the sentences with IS / ARE / DO / DOES

E.g.I am having a dinner party this weekend.
1 you wash your hair everyday?
2Where they going for their next holiday?
3Why you looking at me like that?
4 Eddie live in Edimburgh,
5 you like taking photographs?
6 the sun shining?
7When the bank close?
8 we working tomorrow?
9 Sylvia work on Wednesdays?
10What "roof" mean?
11What the weather like today?
12It raining.
13How you feel about this decision, Mike?
14 you feeling ok?
15Terry speaks Italian, but he speak German?
16At the moment, he speaking to that Italian woman.
17Can you smell that? Somebody smoking.
18What you do?
19What time Linda usually have dinner?
20The weather usually very warm at this time of year.