Complete the sentences with WHEN, AS SOON AS, IF, BEFORE or UNTIL

E.g.I'll have a shower before I go to bed.
1I'm getting into Heathrow early tomorrow morning. I'll ring you first thing I make it into the arrivals hall.
2 you have any problem, call the assistance hotline.
3Give me your phone number you leave tonight.
4I can hardly wait we see that new film.
5We have to leave now, we want to get home it gets too dark.
6Please take a seat in the waiting room your number is called.
7 the weather is good, I like going for walks in the countryside.
8Please be careful. I don't know what I'll do you get hurt.
9 you complete a line of numbers, you have to shout "bingo".
10Go home and wait there I call.
11 will I know if the time is right?
12Let's watch some TV we go to sleep.