Complete the sentences with a modal and the appropriate verb

listen (x2)accepttake careletbring up

E.g.Tom should listen to your advice. It's very sensible.
1You of your appearance if you want to make a good impression.
2You your dentist's appointment this afternoon.
3A stuntman that he will have to take a lot of risks over the course of his career.
4 we this question at the next board meeting before we take a decision?
5According to English tradition, you your Christmas decoration up more than 12 Christmas day itself?
6Tickets for the show will be very popular so you early to avoid disappointment.
7You let your dog off the lead here.
8In my opinion, you listen to anything he says. He doesn't know what he is talking about.
9Shelley go to work this week, she's on holiday.
10The worst part of being a doctor is when I patients bad news.