Complete the sentences with the appropriate modal

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

E.g.You didn't have to say that yesterday.
1You feel under any obligation to do that job.
2What you change to make things better?
3You drive on the right in the USA.
4What I take to the party?
5We be careful about our alcohol consuption when we went to Sweden.
6Generally it isn't necessary to be very formal with an Australian. You say "Good Day" to him.
7You arrive late for a meeting in Germany. It is regarded as very unprofessional.
8You be aware of cultural differences when you travel. It is just good advice.
9You say you love me. Just be here when I need you.
10You lean out of a window on a train.
11Where do you suggest we go, if I want to impress my visitors when they come to stay?
12The best thing about my job is that unfortunately I never to wear a suit. I like dressing casually.