Using the verbs below, complete the following sentences with the appropriate tense

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.


e.g.The weather has been very cold this winter.
1The weather warmer last winter.
2I never such an ugly painting in my life before.
3The Prime Minister just .
4What games you playing when you were a child?
5Why James home so late last night?
6I'm hungry; I anything all day.
7That's the third time she me this week.
8During my childhood, I my summers in the mountain.
9Deborah always that spring is the most beautiful season.
10We in Canberra for 5 years before we moved to Melbourne.
11Mr Jones for the bank for 10 years, then he gave it up to become a teacher.
12How long you for your company? Seven years so far.
13The modern Olympic Games in 1896.
14My town a lot since I was a boy.
15When you last to the beach?