Complete the following text

It (be) midnight. The moon (be ) full and the stars (shine). Only his wife (make)a sound next to him as she (breathe).

He (can / not) sleep, so he (decide) to get up and make himself a drink.
As he (go) to the kitchen, he (pause) to look outside. Something (creep) through his garden. A small black body (move) cautiously between the trees and plants. It (turn) its head this way and that while it (advance) slowly.

“Probably a cat,” he (think) and (go) on his way.

When he (arrive) in the kitchen, he (open) the fridge and (take) out some milk. As he (look for) a cup, he (hear) a strange shriek outside. He (jump) and (knock over) the milk which (pour out) all over the floor. He (bend down) to clear it up. While he (do) this, he (become) aware of something at the window.

What he (see) next (fill) him with terror.

Nobody ever (know) what (happen) that night but when his wife (come down) to the kitchen the next morning, she (find / not) anything. The milk (drip) over the floor still, the back door (remain) open but her husband (be) nowhere…