Complétez le texte avec les mots proposés

1. It was dark when he woke up.
2. He to bed early the night before but he still tired.
3. He the television on and to the news for a moment before he up.
4. He to the kitchen and some tea.
5. He it slowly and about the day ahead.
6. It December and the days very short.
7. This not his favourite time of year.
8. He the light days of summer.
9. He especially August.
10. This his birthday month.
11. After he a shower, he dressed.
12. Then he his documents for the day and himself completely ready.
13. Finally he goodbye to his wife and at the dog before he for work.

leavebe (x 6)thinkpreparemakehavelistenwake
preferturnsaydrinkget (x3)likego (x2)smile