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My name’s Neil. I come from New Zealand. It’s very pretty country although it’s quite small place. I live in Auckland. It’s interesting city but it’s not capital.

I live in big house with my family. My wife’s name is Nina and we’ve got three children, two girls and boy. girls are twins and still go to school. They go to private school in centre of city. I hope they go to university when they finally leave school. boy works. He’s musician. He plays guitar in a band. band often plays concerts around whole country.

I’m doctor. I work in biggest hospital in Auckland. I work in Emergency Room. It’s very rewarding job but it’s also quite stressful one. I go to work by car every day. traffic is quite difficult in morning and it sometimes takes me over hour to get to hospital. I work long hours and often only have time for quick sandwich for lunch. In evening, I often get home late.

At weekends, I like going for long walks in countryside outside city with my wife and our dog. We have got German Shepherd. It’s European breed and very energetic dog. It keeps us fit!