Complétez les phrases avec CAN / CANNOT / LIKE ...

Example : My sister likes (like) cucumber but she doesn't like eating (not/like/eat) fish.
Cats (can/climb) trees but they (can/not/swim).
I (can/play) football but I (can/not/play) tennis.
Which coat (you/prefer) ?
What time (you/usually/have) lunch ?
She (not/like/ride) a bicycle but she (like/drive)
They (can/dance) but they (can/not/sing)
He (be) a great golf player. He (can/hit) the ball very far.
We (not/like/go) to parties very much.
(you/like/eat) pizza ?
Which (be) your favorite cheese ?
My sister (take) great photos.
Harry and I (often/go) to football matches.
When Sue (get) home, the first thing she (do/be/have) a coffee.
How often (you/go) out to restaurants ?
(you/can/play) the guitar ?