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Big Brovaz star Flawless

He’s Flawless from Big Brovaz and he’s here to tell you to get down the gym and get fit!
Anyone who sees him perform knows how much energy he puts into everything he does. It's hard work - and it doesn't stop when he steps off the stage. He enjoys keeping fit and it's something he spends a lot of time on.
He tries to go for a jog every morning and he gets to the gym as often as possible. For him, it's part of his job. He has to be at his best whenever he performs and he can't do that if he doesn't train. He also likes playing sport whenever he has the time.
He’s a huge basketball fan and he loves Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. He definitely encourages anyone to take up a sport and stick with it.

1. What sort of job does Flawless do ?
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2. Why does he need to keep fit ?
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3. What does he do to keep fit ?
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4. What sport stars does he admire ?
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5. What does he encourage people to do ?
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